2018 Toyota Supra Price

If you are looking at the design of the new 2018 Toyota Supra, you will understand why it makes such as fuss. The styling is super beautiful and super sleek. The fact that it has the sporty lines doesn’t obstruct the fact that it is a true work of an art. Not to mention that there are facts about the engine, the power, and the comfort. So, what can you expect from such line, anyway?

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 2018 Toyota Supra News

2018 Toyota Supra Sport 2018 Toyota Supra Price

2018 Toyota Supra Sport

Well, you should understand why people are making such a fuss with the new production considering that the new Supra has all it takes – starting from the attractive design to the powerful roar and power. This is probably one of the most popular rumors and news after the 2016 Supra. Rumor has it this attractive line will combine technologies from Toyota and Beemer. If such thing is true, you can only imagine what the new 2018 Toyota Supra will look like – and what kind of power it has under the hood.

2018 Toyota Supra Exterior

According to Toyota, they are taking the Lexus LFA basic concept and tweak it a bit. For some people, the exterior design is pretty intense. There are two air intakes on the front part, including fan from carbon fiber within each side. The coupe model makes this Supra pretty stylish and edgy. It has the right combination of elegance and sportiness. Does it look good? You bet it does!

2018 Toyota Supra Interior

2018 Toyota Supra Sport interior 2018 Toyota Supra Price

2018 Toyota Supra Sport interior

Sportiness and premium exclusivity will be strongly visible on the interior cabin. The combination of black and red is super classic and timeless – it creates an improved luxurious feel to the cabin. The fact that all of the materials are only the best ones just tops off the premium quality of the ride. The top grade calfskin will cover most of the panels, creating style and comfort during your drive. The infotainment for this 2018 Toyota Supra will also be improved too, along with the safety features, the audio system, and others. Another unique part of this model is the fact that you can expect spacious cabin inside this sporty model. Pretty cool, huh?

2018 Toyota Supra Engine and Price

Rumor has it that a V6 turbocharged engine will be used for this line. There hasn’t been any official confirmation about the engine but it is predicted that expected output between 260 hp and 400 hp should be available for this line. It is predicted that this new 2018 Toyota Supra should be sold in between $40,000 and $50,000.