2018 Toyota Innova Interior And Exterior Plan

Toyota has a new plan for their new 2018 Toyota Innova and it includes an exterior change that will make the car look buff, a bit hostile, and rather aggressive than before. The SUV has been one of the flagship models of the Japanese automaker because of the simplicity and also the nice handling and control. With the new model, though, Toyota has planned to change the innocent look and add a bit of power and muscles – or so they want to.

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2018 Toyota Innova Plan

2018 Toyota Innova 1 2018 Toyota Innova Interior And Exterior Plan

2018 Toyota Innova

There are a lot of things that Toyota has in store for the development of their Innova. For instance, they want to keep the SUV appearance intact while boosting muscles and power. They also want to improve the fuel economy system which will also affect the aerodynamic. Naturally, they want to tweak the engine compartment and come with a new system but it is not a sure thing until the company has made an official release. But for the moment, exterior and also interior changes are a sure thing. It is a definite thing that some of the minor changes will be underway.

2018 Toyota Innova Interior

What’s special about Innova is the spacious and roomy design that makes it perfect to accommodate 8 people. Well, for the new 2018 Toyota Innova, the space and seating arrangement will be just the same. The design is modern and update and the spacious cabin is definitely a fun thing to enjoy.

2018 Toyota Innova interior 2018 Toyota Innova Interior And Exterior Plan

2018 Toyota Innova interior

To improve comfort and safety, Toyota has included some of the newest features such as air bags, additional storage containers and compartments, improved safety features like rearview camera and more. Not to mention that new exclusive trims have also been included in the cabin so the Innova will retain its classic style and elegant appearance.

2018 Toyota Innova Exterior

Since the Innova is actually based on the design of the Fortuner (still from the same manufacturer), it is no surprised to see that the new 2018 Toyota Innova will be bigger and buffer. Toyota wants to retain the same classic style and elegance and yet they want to improve the dimension and size. That’s why the new Innova will have a new bumper design along with bigger grille and headlights. The same thing will also apply to the rear side.

2018 Toyota Innova Release Date

The new Innova is expected to arrive around spring 2017 although it is not an exact date. For the price range, the 2018 Toyota Innova is probably going to sell not more than $27,000.