2018 Toyota Celica Redesign and Concept

The new 2018 Toyota Celica manages to make a huge fuss and talk. Although the car is still coming in a design model, people have been talking about it in a serious manner. If you are into a sports car, this is exactly the type of ride that you will love. The design is pretty basic and straightforward, though, but some improvements and features will be included in the production.

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2018 Toyota Celica Rumors

2018 Toyota Celica 2018 Toyota Celica Redesign and Concept

2018 Toyota Celica

Even with the launch of the FT-1, it doesn’t make the rumors about the Celica wane. In fact, it jus enhances the news and fuss about the overall design and production. It is highly likely that the new 2018 Toyota Celica is based on the Toyota 86, which is pretty old school and yet has its vintage appeal in it. Although Toyota admits that the design is pretty conventional, they are promising that the power or the comfort won’t be standard. A more serious focus is placed on some of the important aspects, which include performance, handle, speed, and power.

2018 Toyota Celica Redesigned Plan

If you look at the new design of the Celica, it is evident that the exterior part is getting the major redesigned plan. Thanks to Toyota 86 model, the outside part is erected with the new bumper. The car will also have a new design for the top, which will be included with the integrated fog lights and standard daytime LED running lights. The rear lights will also use the LED system along with bigger spoiler. Toyota is thinking about redesigning the tent so a better (and also larger) ventilation can be made, improving the air intake technology. Naturally, the new Celica will include lightweight material to improve fuel economy and performance.

2018 Toyota Celica Concept

2018 Toyota Celica interior 2018 Toyota Celica Redesign and Concept

2018 Toyota Celica interior

Besides the updates on the outside, the inside cabin will get some touch-ups too. It is expected that chromium and aluminum will cover most of the parts in the cabin. Some skin and soft materials will also be included in the interior and the seats. In the end, there should be a right balance and combination of luxury, comfort, and also elegance.

For more improved features, expect a higher feature from 2018 Toyota Celica coupe. There should be heating and power seats. Entertainment system and new screens will be included in the design, and the features may cover USB and Bluetooth ports, touchscreen display, and also a bombastic sound system.

Other things are still covered, talked, and planned. But lets us hope that this 2018 Toyota Celica isn’t going to be a model concept only but an actual vehicle on the road!

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