2018 Honda S2000 Updates And Price


It is a good thing that there will be 2018 Honda S2000 that will add to the harsh auto competition in the world. The S2000 isn’t a new production in this auto industry and yet there is so little competition from the other rivals that can match up the performance. Will the S2000 remain the same powerful line as before? Let’s check the details before you make any decision.

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2018 Honda S2000 History

2018 Honda S2000 2018 Honda S2000 Updates And Price

2018 Honda S2000

The S2000 is basically a line that has existed around a decade and it has been considered as one of the best sporting vehicles ever made so far. The original S2000 was using the perfect balanced chassis with 2.0 liter engine. And although the 86 and MX5 have been trying so hard to come with just the same perfection, they just don’t fit it. It is a good thing that Honda will be celebrating their 70th anniversary and they have decided that they are going to make the 2018 Honda S2000 which will be competing with the RX8. It is expected that Honda will stick to the same powerful original line, also loyal to the compact two door convertible – without neglecting the sports car performance. Hopefully, Honda will be able to pull this off.

2018 Honda S2000 Chassis

If Honda is able to come with the perfect construction and design plan as the original one, they will have no problems marketing and selling it as the vehicle is super attractive and promising. It is most likely that the 2018 Honda S2000 will be coming with aluminum and composite construction to reach the lightweight purpose without compromising the rigidity and solid stance. If Honda manages to do this perfectly, they will be able to create an ultimate ride that won’t disappoint anyone.

2018 Honda S2000 Price

2018 Honda S2000 interior 2018 Honda S2000 Updates And Price

2018 Honda S2000 interior

Acura has just released a driving chassis with rear wheel platform which was rumored to be designed for the S2000. Since the new S2000 is said to come in less than 2,900 pounds for the improved agility, control, and speed. But such rumor hasn’t been confirmed by the company. If Honda is going to make new developments for the S2000, the sales price may be around $40,000.

2018 Honda S2000 Engine

Rumor has it that this model will be using petrol inline 4 turbocharged 2.0 liter unit with 300 hp of power as the result. When paired up with the manual 6 speed transmission, this 2018 Honda S2000 should be able to deliver a promising performance.