2018 Honda Legend Handy Price And Release Date

Although the 2018 Honda Legend won’t be available for the American auto market, it is a good thing that American auto enthusiasts can always find the similar features and performance from the Acura RLX. Of course, the feel and the experience may not be 100% same but at least you get a little bit of driving fun with it. The Legend is set to be made available in Australia and Asia only while the European and American buyers will have to do with the RLX.

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 2018 Honda Legend Engine

2018 Honda Legend 2018 Honda Legend Handy Price And Release Date

2018 Honda Legend

There will be only one option for this Legend and it will be the gas V6 3.5 liter unit with the combination of DCT seven speed transmission and all wheel Super Handling driving system. Because it will come with a hybrid setup, such engine arrangement will also be accompanied by 3 electric motors. Each of those motors has their own function and usage: one to power the front wheel and two for the rear axle. The latter motors are independent, able to produce 36 hp of power on their own. When you combine the V6 and the electric motors, the total output will be 382 hp of power.

2018 Honda Legend Specs

For this 2018 Honda Legend, there will be different combination of all wheel, rear wheel, and also front wheel driving system. The all wheel driving system alone comes with 3 different modes of Hybrid Drive, EV Drive, and Engine Drive. This line has an impressive fuel economy system reaching 40 mpg combined. Thanks to the Variable Cylinder Management from Honda’s technology, such system is able to save energy because it arranges the efficient cylinder work and management.

2018 Honda Legend Construction

2018 Honda Legend interior 2018 Honda Legend Handy Price And Release Date

2018 Honda Legend interior

Honda is pretty sure about this new design because of the improved design and comfort. And for this new 2018 Honda Legend, the wheelbase and overall dimension is bigger and wider – which will affect the space in the interior cabin. Modern, sophisticated, luxurious, and comfortable are all the expected outcome from the new refreshing updates. High quality materials for the upholstery and the important sections will be available, along with the newest technology and features for the line. Safety features may include auto steering assistance, pedestrian collision mitigation technology, and much more.

2018 Honda Legend Price and Release Date

It is expected that this new Legend should be available at least at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018. For the basic starting price, the Legend will be sold at around $59,500. The more complete and full loaded 2018 Honda Legend will be sold at around $70,000.