2018 Honda Fit EV Great Concept, Interior And Exterior

The 2018 Honda Fit EV will be a great option for those who want to have a powerful SUV with a hybrid option. If you are looking at the design, you should be able to see such a simple and yet highly stylish vehicle that won’t disappoint anyone. With this vehicle, you can cruise down the road without the hassle and with a greatly improved comfort.

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2018 Honda Fit EV Concept

2018 Honda Fit EV 2018 Honda Fit EV Great Concept, Interior And Exterior

2018 Honda Fit EV

The Fit EV is a luxury and exclusive SUV that is designed to improve driving experience in whatever setting and road conditions. With the growing concern of the environment and the fact that more and more people are interested in the electric power (which is saving the money too), the hybrid option is getting more popular and likable. Not only this Fit EV has the stylish design, but its electric power is also quite promising and good too. What’s cool is that you only need a good 3 hours to charge the vehicle completely.

2018 Honda Fit EV Exterior

As it was mentioned before, the new 2018 Honda Fit EV will be coming with improved updates, such as an optional grille and rear spoiler. They may seem unimportant to you, but they can change the appearance and look of the ride – not to mention that they also affect the aerodynamic aspect of the ride. There will be different color options too with new updates on the LED headlights, silver aluminum plates, new allow wheels, and also polycarbonate materials for the construction and structure.

2018 Honda Fit EV Interior

2018 Honda Fit EV interior 2018 Honda Fit EV Great Concept, Interior And Exterior

2018 Honda Fit EV interior

Since this hybrid vehicle is an SUV, it should be able to accommodate people and cargo just nicely. But for the new 2018 model, comfort and space will be the major focus of the change. Length and width will increase, resulting in a more generous space for the cabin – with such arrangement, you can even accommodate more people and more cargo. Be sure that anyone sitting on the back will be comfy enough. Despite the small and compact look, this EV can carry eight people so expect all the best things, including improved access to the center console and better navigation system.

2018 Honda Fit EV Engine

Although Honda hasn’t released the official release, it is predicted that the new 2018 Honda Fit EV will be coming with V6 4 cylinder unit that is delivering 150 hp of power with all-wheel driving system, resulting in 18 mpg of the city and 24 mpg on the highway.

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This EV should be available somewhere in 2017. For the price, it is predicted that this 2018 Honda Fit EV will be sold at between $25,000 and $37,000.