2018 Ford Taurus Changes and Release Date

The new 2018 Ford Taurus will be coming with some refreshing updates. After being loved and became the favorite of law officials throughout the country, the Taurus will finally get some changes and improvements along the way. It is pretty unfortunate that the fact that it has become the government-issue conventional vehicle that hinders the development and the updates. Six years have passed, and it needs serious changes. Otherwise, it will be beaten up by other lines. But don’t worry, some facelifts are due along with the way, including new EcoBoost engine, new transmission, and new facial look.

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2018 Ford Taurus Release Date

2018 Ford Taurus image 2018 Ford Taurus Changes and Release Date

2018 Ford Taurus

This model is set as the pattern for the 2019 or even 2020 so the launching date should be pretty closer to those years. Although the original plan says that it would be available at late 2017 as the 2018 model, it is pretty logical and somehow more understandable if the model is available even after 2018. Ford is still figuring it out, so we just have to wait and see.

For the price, it is possible that the tag will still be the same. Considering that the new 2018 Ford Taurus won’t be having a radical or drastic changes, it is possible that the ticket price will be around $28,000 – more or less.

2018 Ford Taurus Changes

Originally, the vehicle got a pretty harsh critic for having several flaws. Not so impressive interior cabin and visibility, the size is too big and cumbersome, and the not impressive fuel economy system. To address some of those issues, Ford has decided that they are going to use a new platform and lightweight construction with a downsized engine. They have made some plans for the 2018 Ford Taurus, such as a newer infotainment system for MyFord, an upgraded upholstery material, changes on the front and back side, and also some trim options.  It is also likely that the car will be coming with a new bumper and grille for a whole new look for the full-size sedan.

2018 Ford Taurus Engine

2018 Ford Taurus interior 2018 Ford Taurus Changes and Release Date

2018 Ford Taurus interior

There are some possible engine options for this model. The V6 3.5-liter engine or the V6 twin turbocharged engine is possibly the primary option for this line. However, rumor has it that the V6 entry level may not be available for this model, being replaced by the EcoBoost 2.0 liter engine delivering 240 hp of power. I guess we have to see what the new 2018 Ford Taurus will look like.

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