2018 Ford S-Max Updates, Changes and Engine

If you are looking at the new 2018 Ford S-Max, you will see how sleek, modern, and sophisticated the vehicle is. Not only the MPV will be coming with new updates and improvement, but there will also be a full package of modern features. You can expect a lot of automatic operation which includes an automatic park, automatic braking for backward movement, and so much more. If you are looking for an exclusive ride that has it all, this model will be the perfect option for you.

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2018 Ford S-Max Changes

2018 Ford S Max 2018 Ford S Max Updates, Changes and Engine

2018 Ford S-Max

The new technology is the primary focus for the upcoming development for this S-Max. This car isn’t only fashionable and stylish, it is smart too. Thanks to the Smart Rate Limiter tool that will keep you at the safest speed and prevent any movement to exceed the limit, you will have an enjoyable and safe driving moment.

2018 Ford S-Max Exterior

Besides the technology, model and size for the upcoming 2018 Ford S-Max will also be different. The car will be slimmer and yet longer. The slimming design is eye-catching while the longer dimension will accommodate more passengers for the more comfortable seating arrangement. The hood will be more shaped and longer, creating a more elegant and stylish design. Matching it up with slimmer LED headlamp and trapezoidal grill, the 4-door vehicle will look superb without making it cheesy or too much.

2018 Ford S-Max Interior

2018 Ford S Max interior 2018 Ford S Max Updates, Changes and Engine

2018 Ford S-Max interior

For the interior cabin, comfort and easy access will be improved so passengers can always have the enjoyable time even during a long trip. As it was mentioned before, more technologies will be incorporated in the cabin, such as Sightless Spot Information, Lane Keeping Aware, Visitor Sign Popularity, and also Driver Information. Not only technologies are included in the interior cabin, but some of them are also incorporated in other areas of the car, such as the action of opening the back door with kicking action below the fender. There is a sensor that will detect the movement. Now you see how modern and sophisticated this 2018 Ford S-Max, don’t you?

2018 Ford S-Max Engine

For this line, Ford is likely to use the turbocharged EcoBoost 1.5 liter capacity that is producing 178 hp of power, with the top speed of 118 mph. It can reach 62 mph in 9 seconds, which is not too bad, after all. For the diesel, it is likely that they will be using the TDCi 2.0 liter engine that is producing 120 hp of power. For this 2018 Ford S-Max, the price is set around $28,000.

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