2018 Ford GT 40 Price and Specs

If you have been waiting for the race car from Ford, the new 2018 Ford GT40 is said to deliver a promising action and performance. Besides a lighter body construction, the car will be coming with improved speed and more powerful engine arrangement. Do sounds like a good deal? Well, it is!

2018 Ford GT40 Improvement

2018 Ford GT 40 image 2018 Ford GT 40 Price and Specs

2018 Ford GT40

For this new line, Ford claims that they have managed only the best arrangement for the best system that will make this new model more promising than before. The new car will be coming lighter, with ‘only’ 2,890 pounds that should improve agility and aerodynamics. The price, though, will be set around $398,000 which is not for everyone. Ford will only make 1000 units of it. They will produce 250 units each year for four years in the future, making this ride pretty exclusive. And with 630 hp of power (at least that’s what Ford claims), it should be the fastest car ever produced.

2018 Ford GT40 Specs

A lot of auto enthusiasts and fans are pretty optimistic and confident with this 2018 Ford GT40, saying all the right things about it. After all, you should see the specific elements to see how promising it can be. For a starter, this one will be coming with carbon fiber complete construction that will include body and passenger cell from the carbon fiber. It also comes with Dynamic Aero technology for the updated aerodynamics. With additional elements such as the pushrods suspension, dual clutch transmission, and the TT 3.5 liter engine, it is no surprise if this GT is considered worthy. After all, it is based on a real racing car with a slight tweak so it can be used in the normal road condition. Will it be fun? You just have to check it by yourself.

2018 Ford GT40 Price

2018 Ford GT40 2018 Ford GT 40 Price and Specs

2018 Ford GT40

Although there are a lot of promising elements and factors for this line, still, the almost $400,000 price tag is a little bit of a put-off. Ford doesn’t seem to understand the market value and how much they are going to spend for the production. With big competitors like the Turbo S Porsche or the Aventador, it is pretty confusing on how Ford is putting themselves in the line.

All I’m saying is that it is right for Ford to come with such a well-planned design and creation but such impressive power will have its toll. Hopefully, the new 2018 Ford GT40 will be just good as promised – or even better!