2018 BMW M3 Review and Engine

Although it is still a few years away, the news about the new improvement for 2018 BMW M3 has been enough to create a stir and fuss in the auto industry. Rumor has it that Beemer is planning on redesigning their M3 series and they will give it a code name of G20. To make it even more compelling, the company is said to have started the production process.

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New 2018 BMW M3 2018 BMW M3 Review and Engine

New 2018 BMW M3

2018 BMW M3 Plan

The company has stated that they are going to develop the 2018 BMW M3 with elements of haptic quality, visual, craftsmanship, substance, and character. It means that they are going to include new equipment and also better and higher quality of materials. The company also plans on providing different packages that combine some of the features so everyone will be appealed – and they have various options fitting their budgets. If everything goes as planned, the features should include a better and more responsive braking system, a power kit, semiautomatic software, and also the remote controlled system for parking.

2018 BMW M3 2018 BMW M3 Review and Engine

2018 BMW M3

2018 BMW M3 Engine

And as for the engine arrangement, Beemer is said to increase the power for the straight six 3.0 liter engine up to 30 hp of power and 20 lb-ft torque. For the M3 and also M4, they will get a better combination of e-chargers and straight six machines, along with water injection system so it can deliver 500 hp of power. It is a pretty ambitious plan for BMW, considering that they are kind of busy with other arrangements of the new productions, including the M3 and M4. For both the types, they will be coming with the rear wheel driving system. However, in case you are into the all-wheel driving system so much, the M350i will be coming with the xDrive all-wheel driving technology as well as a boost of 420 hp of power. Not too bad, huh?

2018 BMW M3 Exterior 2018 BMW M3 Review and Engine

2018 BMW M3 Exterior

There is a possibility of hybrid power, with the plug-in the hybrid system is available. The system will include an engine of 1.5-liter capacity that is paired up with 60kW of motor for a good 30 miles arrangement. For another option, there will be an engine with 2.0-liter capacity that is paired up with an electric the motor of 90kW, able to reach 50 miles.

Up until now, there isn’t an exact planning about the styling and design. However, rumor has it that the company will get the ideas from the 2016 7 Series for the upcoming 2018 BMW M3.