2018 BMW M2 Coupe Design and Performance

With the production of the 2018 BMW M2 Coupe on the way, it seems that the company is getting more and more confident about the new line. Although the M1 was developed from the ‘standard and regular’ material, it is a surprise that it gained a positive feedback and acceptance – which also surprised the company. That’s why when they were planning on the release of the M2 series, they come with better material and as improved features. After all, what not to love from the manual transmission, the 365 hp of power, and the rear wheel driving system?

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2018 BMW M2 Coupe 2018 BMW M2 Coupe Design and Performance

2018 BMW M2 Coupe

2018 BMW M2 Coupe Engine

Just to compare the new 2018 BMW M2 Coupe with the N55 model, the N55 will be using the inline-six turbocharged engine that is delivering 365 hp of power. But the overall standard of skill will be improved. The standard optimum torque will be about 343 lb-ft from 1400 rpm to 5560 rpm, and for the over boost functionality, the torque will be around 369 lb-ft from 1450 rpm to 4750 rpm. When it’s paired with a single turbocharged engine, the torque will reach 7000 rpm.

2018 BMW M2 2018 BMW M2 Coupe Design and Performance

2018 BMW M2

The M2 will be using the similar engine and platform, but it will result in 320 hp of power with 330 lb-ft torque. Besides all of those high numbers, the engine arrangement on the M2 will be coming with the manual six-speed transmission with automatic seven-speed dual clutch transmission offered as the optional variant. The dual clutch option will get its cooling system and adjustments to the overall air conditioning system will be tweaked quite a lot. It is predicted that this line will be able to reach 62 mph in 4.2 seconds with the automatic transmission and 4.4 seconds with the manual. Top speed is expected to reach 155 mph.

2018 BMW M2 Gran Coupe 2018 BMW M2 Coupe Design and Performance

2018 BMW M2 Gran Coupe

 2018 BMW M2 Coupe Design

For the overall design, there will be a slight difference of the BMW M2 2018 with the other variants. For the M2, there will be a new design for the back side spoiler, the bigger air intake, the loud exhaust pipe, the front end, and so much more. The M2 is said to be lighter (around 55 pounds lighter) so speed, stability, and performance should increase. For the interior cabin, BMW stated that they are planning on improving some entertainment features as well as other safety features – including improving the quality of the materials too. So, are you ready for the new 2018 BMW M2 Coupe?

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