2018 BMW M1 Redesign and Specification

If you are looking for a modern, sporty look that won’t compromise the driving comfort or handling, then you should seriously consider waiting for the new 2018 BMW M1. Although there are different planning and ideas for the release of this new line, you can still expect a great ride that won’t compromise anything. Not to mention that it has all the right features and all the good specs for a more enjoyable driving control.

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2018 BMW M1 Plan

2018 BMW M1 2018 BMW M1 Redesign and Specification

2018 BMW M1

Although BMW is always serious about their every production and making, they haven’t figured out the best manufacturing process for this 2018 BMW M1. Rumor has it that they will be using the single F21 framework that will e continuously used for making their 2-Series models. For these models, the company plans on using a powerful motor that is mounted on the front side and then paired up with the self-loader DCT new transmission. It is also likely that they are going to use the turbocharged 3.0-liter engine that is producing 400 hp of power. Not to mention that they are going to include the strong carbon fiber plastics that will make this new line as powerful (and yet quite lightweight) as the i8. Don’t you find it exciting?

2018 BMW M1 Redesign

Yes, it is still unclear what Beemer is going to do with the new production of this line, but they are making sure that they are going to change some of the key elements. Such thing has been confirmed by Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, the control chief of M1 division, which states that they are planning to change the coupe – for a starter. They will create a new adaptation that is expected to boost performance and quality with the focus on fuel efficiency. In short, if the new 2018 BMW M1 turns out to get the positive response and the outcome is promising, it is possible that they are going to develop more for the 2 Series.

2018 BMW M1 Specs

2018 BMW M1 image 2018 BMW M1 Redesign and Specification

2018 BMW M1 interior

Since there hasn’t been a real official statement or actual production stage, we can only hope for the best. With different sources saying different things – and the BMW’s top officials saying another – things can be quite confusing and overwhelming. However, considering that the company is hoping to lay a good start with the M1 – with the hope that they are going to move forward and make the 2 Series – it is pretty safe to conclude that they are going to be extra careful with the overall design, engine arrangement, and performance. Considering that this 2018 BMW M1 will be competing against TT RS from Audi and Cayman from Porsche, BMW shouldn’t take this task for granted.

2018 BMW M1 Performance

Rumor has it that this model will be a serious flagship model that should be able to deliver the satisfying outcome. After all, with the 3.0-liter twin turbocharged engine for 380 to 400 hp of power, this one can defeat other Beemer types – or so what BMW says. It is predicted that this $55,000 2018 BMW M1 will be able to reach 60 mph in a solid 4 seconds performance.