2018 BMW i3 Changes and Exterior         

Expect a lot of improvement from the new 2018 BMW i3. According to many auto fans and enthusiasts, this ride will deliver a new look that brings the unique aspect of a new era of a modern sports car. If you take a look at the entire design and also the lofty price tag, it seems quite logical if BMW is putting their best efforts to deliver a satisfying performance. After all, this car has been claimed to be the next flagship product from the brand so it makes sense if you should expect beautiful things from it.

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2018 BMW i3 Changes

2018 BMW i3 image 2018 BMW i3 Changes and Exterior         

2018 BMW i3

So, what should you expect from the new 2018 BMW i3? Well, aside from the fact that the car will be coming with a new futuristic model, it is highly likely that it will also include a hybrid engine. It is most likely that there will be three cylinders small engine that are paired up with the electric motor so you can enjoy the improved efficiency without compromising the overall performance.

2018 BMW i3 Design

You have to admit that design plays a significant role in the existence of the i3. In fact, it is one of the most crucial factors that make the line sells out quickly. The design is truly eye-catching and artistic. The actual car looks the same as the concept car with its aesthetic appeal and the creative building. It is hard not to fall in love with the design. For the new model, the i3 should have a wider stance, but it comes with flat front side nose, so you don’t need to worry about balance and control. With such a bright arrangement, expect a well-balanced ride with serious performance and power. Not to mention that the rear wheels have the beautiful floating buttresses and brake lights that look matching with the downward bonnet wedge scoop.

2018 BMW i3 Interior

2018 BMW i3 2018 BMW i3 Changes and Exterior         

2018 BMW i3 interior

For the new production, the 2018 BMW i3 will be coming with leather seats and GPS navigation which will improve cabin comfort as well as driving convenience and easiness. Safety features will be developed, with lane changes, sensors, and parking assistance to help with driving efficiency and avoid the crash. Will the interior cabin be exclusive and premium? You bet it will. After all, with the wooden interior trim (which you can choose), consisting of wooden eucalyptus dashboard panel and dark oak wood, there is no doubt that this car will be classy and elegant.

2018 BMW i3 Exterior

Carbon fiber will be the major material used for the 2018 BMW i3, which will severely reduce the total weight of the ride. Unlike the previous model with no moonroof, this one will come with it. Moreover, various colors will be included for this line, especially the attractive black and blue combination that isn’t only elegant but also stylish as well.

2018 BMW i3 Performance

This model will be coming electric motor mounted on the back with increased watt performance. The electric motor alone can produce 170 hp of power which will seriously improve the speed and performance of this ride. This 2018 BMW i3 can reach 60 mph within 7 seconds.