2018 BMW 7 Series: The New and Bold Look

If you want to make a fashion statement in your auto preference, you should consider having the upcoming 2018 BMW 7 Series in your collection. When compared to the previous model, this new one will come with a bolder look and more aggressive style. According to BMW, they think that the old design was pretty boring and ugly – it showed somehow that the company was trying to play it safe. Well, BMW is bored with such statement, and they want to demonstrate that they aren’t afraid of changes and challenges. That’s why the new model will be coming with many-improved features and also a sense of fashion.

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2018 BMW 7 Series Redesign

2018 BMW 7 Series 2018 BMW 7 Series: The New and Bold Look

2018 BMW 7 series

According to the source close to BMW, the company is planning to have a bigger and tougher design for this 2018 BMW 7 Series which will make it different from the previous old-school types. The production is set with American auto market and target in mind rather than the European customers. According to the company, the American customers are pretty demanding – they want this and that and others. They want the combination of a great balance of luxury, performance, comfort, and quality in one single item. So, BMW is trying their best to deliver such thing.

2018 BMW 7 Series Exterior

Sure, BMW may claim that this new 2018 BMW 7 Series will be entirely different from the other models in the line. However, don’t expect such drastic or significant changes because it is more likely that this new 7 Series will be almost similar to the X5 models. Of course, upgrades and improvements will take place, but the basic idea and design will be made from that particular model.

For the platform, this one will be using the same construction as the older series. However, because Beemer is using the new and modern technology of aluminum allow and carbon fiber frame, this new 7 Series will have a grave and drastic weight reduction. Sure, the wheelbase will be longer to accommodate and support the needed luxury and also the quality of comfortable ride but BMW is also serious about the comfort factor and such thing alike.

2018 BMW 7 Series Features

2018 BMW 7 Series interior 2018 BMW 7 Series: The New and Bold Look

2018 BMW 7 Series interior

As it was mentioned before, improvements and upgrades will be available for 2018 BMW 7 Series exterior as well as the interior parts, so it is only logical to expect new touchups of the features. Expect new technologies as lane changer assistance, an auto detector for tire pressure, crash avoidance sensor, parking assistance, and such thing alike. You can also expect things like HD color screen and touchscreen technology, wireless internet connectivity, Bluetooth, and much more.

2018 BMW 7 Series Engine

For this new line, the ride will likely be coming with inline six 3.0 liter engine and V8 engine as the free pick. It is expected that the hybrid system will be available. The car will be using the auto gearbox and four-wheel driving system that will deliver the smooth driving experience. Hopefully, this 2018 BMW 7 Series should be available by the 3rd quarter of 2017 – with the early 2018 arrival as the latest.