2018 BMW 1 Series Release Date and Performance

There has been news about the release of the upcoming 2018 BMW 1 Series. The line has been considered quite popular in the UK, with its standard and classic design. Those who are into the classic and elegant ride may like the design and look of the ride. But Beemer has decided that they are going to make a slight change for the ride, adding a little atmosphere of modernity while improving its value and maintaining its performance. Moreover, BMW has gained a basic platform and ideas from their competitors, such as A-Class model from Mercy and A3 type from Audi, and the new 1 Series will be coming with new systems, including the fourwheel xDrive driving system or the front wheel driving system.

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2018 BMW 1 Series Specs

2018 Audi S4 sedan image 1 2018 BMW 1 Series Release Date and Performance

2018 BMW 1 Series image

According to the survey done some time ago, most people who previously bought the 1 Series were wrong. They thought that they could expect a front wheel driving system and they were wrong about it. According to the survey, the buyers were hoping that the new 2018 BMW 1 Series can have the front wheel as well as the all wheel driving system, just like the Fiesta ST from Ford and Mini. But BMW has promised a new feature that the new ride will be much appealing and more stylish with the attractive grille and slimmer LED systems.

2018 BMW 1 Series Performance

Serious changes will be expected from the ride, especially when it comes to a longer wheelbase. In the end, you can expect roomier space on the back side and also a better boot (especially with the back seats being collapsed and folded down). Because the new 2018 BMW 1 Series will be coming for the back wheel driving system, the construction of the car should be lighter as well. Beemer is said to reduce the weight up to 30 kilos while including aluminum to strengthen the core construction without adding the weight. Lightweight car is better if you want to improve fuel economy system as well as providing a better care for the ride.

2018 BMW 1 Series Engine

2018 BMW 1 Series engine 2018 BMW 1 Series Release Date and Performance

2018 BMW 1 Series engine

For the improved power and engine, the new 2018 BMW 1 Series will be likely to come with three chamber turbocharged 1.5 liter engine. It is also possible to use diesel and petrol four barrel 2.0 liter engine that is able to deliver smooth ride and performance. When such engine is paired with a four wheel driving system and an impressive 360 bhp (which is higher than the A45 AMG Mercedes with its 355 bhp), you can definitely expect a lot from such ride.

2018 BMW 1 Series Release Date

According to BMW, it is possible that the company will also be coming with the successor for the popular and successful Z4 roadster. In fact, if the public acceptance over the 1 Series is quite good, it is possible that another Z4 successor line will be made.  Up until now, Beemer hasn’t made any official release about the available of the 2018 BMW 1 Series – which may likely happen in the 2017.